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State-Of-The-Art Surgery Treatments at Granite State Animal Hospital, LLC


Our doctor is experienced in many types of surgeries and procedures, including soft tissue and advanced dentistry. We are well equipped with advanced surgical monitoring equipment and radio surgical capability.

It is our goal for each patient to have the safest, most stress-free experience possible. We follow the Granite State Animal Hospital highest surgical standards for the safety and comfort of your pet. We understand your concerns about your pet undergoing surgery. We hope to provide comfort to you by explaining some of our standards of care and are here to answer any questions you may have.

We do preoperative exams and blood testing on every patient to ascertain there are no underlying issues with organ function, blood imbalances, or anemia that could cause complications.

Your pet's past anesthetic history, breed, pre-existing conditions, and age are also factors used to determine your pet's personalized anesthesia protocol. Our use of the highest-grade anesthesia combined with intravenous fluids on every patient helps ensure the safest possible procedure.

Pain Management

We all know pain hurts, but pain also has many other detrimental effects on your pet’s body. Pain slows healing, decreases activity and causes behavioral changes such as aggression, anxiety, and depression. Pain can worsen diseases like arthritis and potentially some cancers. It also interferes with the bond between you and your pet.

As part of our commitment to keep your pet comfortable and protect the bond you share, we practice the most up-to-date and comprehensive pain management protocols. For surgeries as well as for acute and chronic conditions we use all our available and safe resources, including opioids, local anesthetics, NSAIDs (non-steroidal medications) and oral and injectable analgesics for the complete comfort of your pet.

For more information about surgery and pain management services, please contact us by calling 603-894-6099 or send us an email.